Having a creative job is fantastic.  The work is varied and stimulating and you are often free to work whenever and wherever you like.  BUT, there is one very irritating aspect of this career that seems to occur with increasing frequency – when inspiration strikes, you have to be prepared to go with it, and inspiration often strikes at the most inconvenient times.  Take last month for example: we were easing ourselves into the festive spirit, decorating trees, popping a bit of champagne and icing cakes – smug in the knowledge that we were fully organised for the new year and the beginning of the Trade Fair season.  Top Drawer starts on January 12th and we had actually managed to sort the new ranges, repaginate the brochure, order samples and sort everything necessary for the exhibition.  We were congratulating ourselves that we would not have any last minute panics to contend with as we are now so experienced.  Then all of a sudden, wham – a germ of an idea for a new collection popped into our heads.  Why not take some of our best images and combine them with some of our typography ranges to create a new collection of cards and wall art.  We mocked up a few designs and showed them at a local fair to test the market and we sold out almost immediately – typical!  So then Christmas and New Year was spent fine tuning designs and racing to create a whole new line.  Well, we did manage a bit of time off for festivities and families, but now we are pedalling fast to get everything finished and ready to show next  Sunday.  We are looking forward to catching up with all our friends, stockists and suppliers at the show so make sure you drop by and see us on stand C17.  Here is a sneak peek at the last minute inspiration!

Typeface Collection