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Back in April of this year we announced we would be producing a bespoke collection of cards for The Walled Nursery in Hawkhurst.

WN 1164

This beautiful place has stunning victorian glasshouses which are still in use today producing plants and seedlings for sale in the Nursery.  Having spent several lovely hours over the spring and early summer photographing this gorgeous place we are now at the tricky stage of deciding which images should be used in the final 12 designs.  It is a hard decision and can provoke more than a few ‘discussions’ in the Dipingo design studio.  Here are just a few of the photos we took.

WNY_1408 WNY_1447 WNY_1602 WN 1094square WN 1133square

The Walled Nursery Collection is due to be launched in the autumn.

We are super chuffed to add Scandinavia to our growing list of international markets. We have just signed up our first direct customer in Finland and have struck a deal with a Norwegian distributor.

Happy days!  At the latest count Dipingo cards are now available in 5 international markets with several more in the pipeline.

 ‘Blossom’ from the Mimi Collection which is winging its way to Norway

MM10 Blossom

One of the first ranges Dipingo ever created was the Cute and Cuddly Collection, featuring various fluffy animals photographed in our studio.

The cards are consistently good sellers for us and we are thinking of expanding the collection to include more designs.

Here are just a couple of examples…

CC7  Ruby Cute and Cuddly

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